Initial Setup and Application Overview

In the kick-off call with your implementation manager you will begin the task of setting up the application. Your implementation manager will review key areas of the application related to the implementation process. In addition your implementation manager will discuss target dates and business requirements.

Assigning Roles

The first thing you will want to do is identify sponsors and stakeholders in your company to makeup the implementation team. They will likely be team leaders in your company whose teams will be utilizing Avianis regularly to fulfill their job duties. Here is an overview of the roles of the implementation team.

Setting Target Dates

Implementation of Avianis in your business works best when a plan and timeline are utilized to set goals and track progress. It is important to have key personnel who will be utilizing the application in attendance at the training sessions related to the sections of the application they will be using. We encourage employees to attend as many training sessions as possible. Please refer to your custom implementation plan for training sessions, dates and times. 

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