General, aircraft or trip related expenses can be entered through the main expenses page. If entering trip related expenses, it's best to access the trip directly and enter the expenses there. Once added to the trip, all expenses are accessible through the main expense page (with proper user role). 

  1. Click on Expenses in the main navigation
  2. Click the "Create" button
  3. Select whether the expense is general, aircraft or trip related
  4. Enter relevant information and click "Save".

Creating Split Expenses

Splitting expenses is useful when there are multiple line items on one receipt/invoice.  

  1. Follow the procedures above for creating an expense.
  2. Click on the "Split Expense into line items" checkbox.

3. A Split Line Item drop down will appear.  Enter each items details and continue clicking "Add" unit you have added all items from the receipt/invoice and then click "Save".

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