The FlightBridge integration allows schedulers to coordinate services such as catering, ground transportation, lodging as well as notify the FBOs of arrivals/departures, service needs, etc. through Avianis.

  1. Within the trip, click on the Services Cloud area so it expands open (if you do not see the Services Cloud area in your account, reach out to an Avianis support representative to enable the integration,
  2. Select the flight leg you want to request services for, whether it relates to the departure or arrival airport and then click the service type.
  3. If this is the first time you have used FlightBridge in Avianis, it will ask you whether you are an Existing FlightBridge customer or need to Register for a new account. Existing customers will simply need to enter their operator code (provided by FlightBridge) and click "Save". 

If you do not already have a FlightBridge login, you will need to register a new account. Check out Setup a FlightBridge account to learn more on the process.

    4. Once all of the service fields are filled and the order has been transmitted, a                 request will automatically be created in the Request/Services tab in the trip.

    5. To edit the existing request, click on the FlightBridge logo next to the item in the           request and services tab.

Here is a quick video that walks through the arranging services through Avianis through FlightBridge.

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