The trip snapshot captures the stage of the trip and pertinent information and potential issues at either a warning or critical level. The tools section contains the TSA vetting watchlist, APIS (US, Canadian and CARICOM) and email tracking details. 


  • Warning Items: fuel stop threshold has been exceeded, turn time is within 6 hours, and an open discrepancy exists
  • Critical Items: Passenger count exceeds capacity, trip turn time is less than aircraft set default, expired MEL, offline maintenance event, inspection item over due and a direct schedule over lap


  • Information: Crew preferences
  • Warning Items: Within 2 hours of exceeding rest regulations
  • Critical Items (some items require regulatory set to be applied):
        Not enough hard days off in the calendar quarter
        Not enough required rest
        Not enough qualified SIC's for augmented crew
        Exceeding block and duty time limitations
        Crew quantity requirement    
        Crew takeoff and landing currency issues (overall and night)
        Expired documents
        Expired medical
        Expired qualification item
        Out of office and trip schedule over lap


  • Information: Account and passenger preferences (FBO, catering, transportation, lodging, special requests, and other)
  • Warning Item: Missing passport information for international trips
  • Critical Item: Expired items 


  • Warning Items: Airport is not 24 hours, airport is not an airport of entry, airport requires slots and contains any airport notes
  • Critical Item: Minimum runway length and maximum airport elevation is not adequate for the aircraft 


  • Warning Item: Requests have not been satisfied 


  • Warning Item: Tasks have not been completed 


  • Warning Item: FRAT status and issues 

The watchlist area of the snapshot allows the user to manually vet the list, see who vetted the trip, view the current uploaded lists and view the results of the vetted manifest. TSA Vetting
Quickly submit APIS manifests for US, Canadian and CARICOM. The system can look at the change control options that are selected for the trip stage and will update the status of the eAPIS transmission to critical in the snapshot if any of the selected change controls occur after the eAPIS has been submitted. Change Control Items: Aircraft, Manifest, Crew Assignment, Airports, Reg Type, FBO Assignment, Scheduled time change, Pax/Crew Info. Configure APIS

Email Tracking
The email tracking area of the snapshot provides the details of the report sent, who sent it and when it was processed, delivered and opened when the email is set to tracked when sent. 

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