The master line item settings allow an operation to build their standard charges and create automation as quotes are being built.

To build a master line item go to My Company > Global Settings > Quotes > Master Line Items. There are various settings that can be designate. To check out the basic steps see Getting Stared Guide: Global Settings. This guide discusses the calculation method options in detail and provides several master line item examples. 

The type column (also known as calculation method) allows the charge to auto-calculate given the itineraries scenario. When an item is set to fixed it might require some manual intervention depending on the scenario. Set the calculation method accordingly and see the fees auto-calculate requiring little to no editing needed. 

The master line items settings allow the user to create line items that are Aircraft, Aircraft Type, Category, Airport or Country specific.

Airport Specific Fee
For example, the ASE Winter Parking Fee of $300.00 will auto-populate based on the aircraft category Mid. 

Country Specific Fee
An example of utilizing the country option would be setting a fixed Navigation Fee that is constant for a country for specific types of aircraft, category of aircraft or specific aircraft. Select the Calculation Method and then in the Country field you will designate which country or countries the line item applies to.

Domestic or International Fee
An example is a Flight Attendant day rate that might differ depending on if the itinerary is domestic or international. Designate domestic or international in the drop down (or both if the charge is no different). If international designate which country (or if "All International") as the condition.

The international and domestic option is available on total days and the total overnight calculation method. When looking to automate international overnights (the fees differ depending on domestic or international) select international in the drop down and add the country condition. If the fee needs to occur every time the itinerary contains international routing (different than the home base of the aircraft) select "All International." As seen in the image below. Get even more specific by creating multiple international overnight items and set a specific country (For example, Canada, Caribbean, etc.). If it needs to occur regardless of aircraft tail, type or category, don't set any conditions and the item will auto-calculate for all of the fleet, but when international. 

Fuel Surcharge Fee
To set a Fuel Surcharge fee, be sure to select calculation method Fuel Surcharge. Then select whether it needs to be based on flight time, block time or refer to the aircraft rate calculation method set on the quote (ie calculation type). 

International Head Tax
The application accommodates the domestic segment tax through Global Settings > General > Taxes. To build automation around the other various Federal Excise Tax settings use the master line items to automate the item and then once available in the quote manually set the quantity. For example, International Head Tax. Create as a fixed item with the accurate amount provided via NBAA from the IRS, set to "All International." Additional options are to set based on country. This same setup example can be used to APHIS fees. 

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